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Pacquiao-Marquez III: World Welterweight Championship

Pacquiao-Marquez-III-World-Welterweight-ChampionshipThis Sunday-November 12, 2011, the reigning pound-for-pound boxer Manny ‘Pac-man’ Pacquiao will meet his old mexican opponent Juan Manuel ‘El Dinamita’ Marquezfor the third and the last time around. This will be held at the famous MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the day when people around the globe will witness the grand boxing brawl of these two great fighters for the WBO Welterweight World title.

The boxing world was expecting that a quick rematch will be in place right after their close fight in March 2008. However, it never happen that fast. It took almost 4 years before everything was ironed out. Way back in 2004, their first fight resulted into a draw and in their rematch on 2008, Manny won by split decision. However, Marquez claims that he won on both fights.

Who do I bet to win this fight?

It’s really hard to tell. But Manny Pacquaio will definitely go for a kill as he also wants to prove to himself that he is worthy for his win on their second meeting. For those who watched Manny’s reaction when he was announced as winner by Michael Buffer, it looks like he was so surprised. He knew that time that the fight was too close and one can even tell that he only took three or four rounds out of the twelve and the rest went to Manuel Marquez.

For Manuel Marquez, this fight would be a make-or-break situation. He likes to trash-talk but more than that I know he wants something big to happen inside the ring-to knock down the man who has the World Championship belts in eight different boxing categories.

So much on this, the long wait is over. The rivalry of these two titans is about to be concluded by this forthcoming face off and hopefully this will wipe all uncertainties and past controversies. Surely, the boxing fans from all over the world will see a heart-pounding fight this Sunday.

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