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Daily Archives: November 12, 2011

Steve Jobs-Founder of Apple: Was he good or bad?

Knowing the man behind Apple – Steve Jobs. During the last two decades we’ve been hearing his name and it is always associated with Apple products such as iPhone, iMac, iTouch, iPad, etc. Let’s rewind back a bit to know more about him. Steven Paul Jobs or simply Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California ... Read More »

Once in Every Lifetime by Jem

Jemma Griffiths or simply Jem wrote the song “Once in every lifetime” for the Eragon Movie Soundtrack. The message of the song is literally tied up with the movie’s story. But one major piece of it is the Chorus which generally throws out a message that everyone can do something big and can change a major event in the history ... Read More »