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Pacquiao won over Marquez: Phenomenal fame that turns to shame

Pacquiao-Marquez-III-World-Welterweight-Championship-final-resultNovember 12, 2011. Another great boxing history was put into place at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas when Michael Buffer announced the winner of the much awaited brawl of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Again, another controversial ending to the epic trilogy between Pacquiao and Marquez.

Was there a great accomplishment for both fighters? Actually yes. Manuel Marquez showed a lot of strength and agility almost the entire course of the fight. He thrown and landed multiple punches to Pacquiao. Every time Pacquiao attacks Marquez, counter punches were successfully made by Marquez. He was literally all over the ring trying to trap all possible movements Manny can do. He tried to break the rhythm of Manny Pacquiao with speed and great defense. It seems that he perfected all possible angles where Manny would possibly be coming from.

So what about Manny Pacquiao?

It wasn’t the Manny Pacquiao that I was expecting to fight today. But he just simply did enough what he suppose to do to win the game. It was not an impressive performance but he might have done those simple efforst just for the sake of the money without exhausting himself too much. It could be really a bad night for him but it could also be for another serious reason-to entice Mayweather to fight with him. Manny thrown lesser punches against Marquez but he was also able to connect solid punches that elevates his score especially during the last three rounds. Marquez followed his trainer’s advise not to engage at the latter part of the fight which Manny took advantage and he showed his aggressiveness.

Was it enough for Marquez to win the fight?

He gave his best but his best wasn’t good enough to knock down the current Welterweight Champion. Manuel Marquez failed to set a devastating punch to the great Mexican killer. It may looked like that Marquez won over Pacquiao but if you would scrunitize the fight, you can hardly find any reason why Marquez should have won the fight. Let me explain. First, Marquez should have not forgotten that he was fighting a reigning Welterweight Champion of the world. I mean, if he would like to amaze and convince the judges he should have at least thrown a remarkable punch that should have shaken Manny Pacquiao. He was hitting Manny many times but Manny was standing strong all day long. In short there was no single remarkable punch that could totally shift the attention the judges to Marquez. Did you see Manny staggered with any of Marquezes punches? Manny even tried to come back at the last few rounds. Second, six out of 12 rounds is not a tremendous point to win the game unless a knock down happen somewhere on those six rounds. And third, in boxing the last two or three rounds will almost likely linger into the minds of those judges. If a fighter has an impressive come back during the last few rounds and he is the current title holder, almost all of the times, he will win the hearts of the judges. This is the case that just happened to Manny today. Third, judges will look for consistency since you are just a challenger-always engage yourself on every round which it didn’t happen to Marquez case.

Massive negative reactions on the decision

After Michael Buffer’s announcement of the winner, all I hear were loud ‘boos’ from the crowd. A British commentator whom I don’t like to mention even said, ‘…’It was a disgusting decision ever made in boxing history’. Well, he should have reviewed the entire boxing history before he reacted that way. There are countless controversial decisions in the history of boxing. What about Oscar Dela Hoya versus Mosley, Mayweather against Castillo, and Roy Jones Jr. – Park Si-Hun, among others. The reason why we put judges in that area is to let them decide if no one was knocked down. One more thing, judges are just on one side of the ring, they can not see all the angles. Most of all, there were three judges not just one. Glenn Trowbridge, Dave Moretti, and Robert Hoyle are great professional judges.

Was it a convincing win for Manny?

For me not so convincing, but definitely with the boxing technicalities I still consider him as the legitimate winner.

The photo below is allegedly taken from Freddie Roach twitter’s post. I was not able to validate this but report back if this is a legitimate post of Manny’s trainer.


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