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iPhone 4S craze never ends

iphone-4s-appleThere were rumors that iPhone 4S pre-orders in Hongkong was sold out in 10 minutes. I’ve been looking around the web to validate this claim and it seems that it is true but I was not able to find any official page that truly validates the information. There are multiple websites stating Brian White of Ticondergoa Securities allegedly mentioned that the iPhone 4S pre-orders in Honkong were sold out in less than ten minutes. If we are going to scrutinize the scenario this can only happen if there were few iPhones available or there were so many customer representatives who took the order simultaneously. Also I want to know if how long does it take for one order to be completed?

But true or not, iPhone 4S craze truly seems to be a never ending story.

If anyone finds the original link where this news came from, please post comments immediately so that I can update this blog.

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