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Cloud gaming: A promising next generation of gaming platform in the market

Console gamers may start to shift their attention to a better technology which does not require a high end hardware specifications nor a gaming console itself to play HD online games.

Good news, isn’t it?
Cloud gaming A.K.A gaming on demand is a type of service which streams games onto a computer. The game itself is not stored on the user’s computer but it is plainly running from a large server farms which executes gamer’s inputs and sends back the response to the gamers computer. Meaning, all processing happens from the server leaving the computer specifications less important. In 2010, Société Française de Radiotéléphonie or simply SFR in France launched this service via iPTV.

How this become possible?

The infrastructure makes use of the broadband connection, large scale cluster of servers, and high encryption and compression rate to immediately stream large amount of contents directly to subscribers. Because of better compression technology, a low-level internet connection will work with the server connection. A DSL connection of 1.5 mbps is the minimum requirement for a standard-definition television.

Not yet convinced?

Well, with this platform your iPhone can be a gaming rig. The OSI delivers from 480×320 in your iPhone to 3840×2160 ultra HD.

Famous cloud gaming providers are Gaikai, G-cluster, OnLive, OTOY, Playcast Media Systems,  and StreamMyGame.

Some of the available games are the following.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations


Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Crysis 2


Deadrising 2


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