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The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

48-Laws-Power-Robert Greene

The list below is a full copy from but I expounded it with some examples in real life situations.

1. Never outshine the master. The golden rule is “Always make those above you feel comfortably superior and brilliant”. At your workplace, in discreet manner you should praise, give compliments, and make your bosses feel that they are still superior than you.


Present some actions that you need him/her help or assistance before you make your own decision. But also be careful, do not overdo this as it may look deceitful and brings negative impact to him/her.

2. Never put too much trust in friends; learn how to use enemies.  Friends are prone to jealousy which is the beginning of hatred. Your enemies could be as harmless as purified water. 48-Laws-Power-Robert-Greene-learn-how-to-use-your-enemyThis could not be always be true but put an extra care when dealing with your friends because you can definitely check it out for yourself that there could be too many occasions before that your closest friend left you behind and betrayed you for a reason.

3. Conceal your intentions. This is preparing someone to be off-guarded by not revealing the true purpose behind your plans and actions. In other words, play the game of deceptions. Pretend to be someone else, hide the parts that can pull you down, show no clues, lead them to the wrong direction, and later make a sweet attack when they are already cloked with heavy smokes. 48-Laws-Power-Robert-Greene-conceal-your-intentionsDeceiving someone is not always easy. In order to be successful, one should have a better understanding of the human nature. Knowing your enemies defense is one of the best strategies but don’t be a fool or stupid and only to know that they are the ones who deceived you first. Assess your capabilities before making your first move. Remember, you can not deceive them if you can not manage them. Once you have taken full control of these people, then this is the moment that you are fully victorious.

4. Always say less than necessary. People use words to impress their superiors. But the more you say, the more mistakes you commit, and there could be instances that you lose control. 48-Laws-Power-Robert-Greene-say-less-wordsThis law is not telling you to keep silent either. It simply gives as an idea to have control of our words. People who became famous, influential, and powerful impresses the crowd by saying less. But how can you strike your audience or superiors with less words? First, you can ask open-ended questions to them. In this way, they will elaborate and reveal more of themselves and these information can be used against them later on. Second, practice listening and verbal nods as these makes them feel that they are interesting. The longer you listen, the greater the chance that they would reveal their real intentions.

5. So much depends on reputation. Guard it with your life. From the very first moment that you gain understanding about life and that could be even before you went into school-you might have started building your reputation. Everyone’s reputation is like a puzzle. 48-Laws-Power-Robert-Greene-REPUTATIONYou have to collect all those pieces and put them together to have a good reputation. See, you might have been doing this for more than 30 years now and would you allow black spot to it? This is a great pride and honor that you will have for the rest of your life. One you have a solid foundation of your reputation, allow no one to attack you. Be careful, always be alert for possible attacks, and destroy your potential enemies before they can build an army to break your reputation. (to be continued…)

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