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Facebook App: Pixlr-o-matic graphics editor

Editing photos are now becoming a basic stuff before sharing a picture online. Professional users won’t have any trouble in doing this but for ordinary internet users this wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. Photoshop, corelDraw, open-source GIMP are some of the reliable photo editing applications that you can use. But then again, it requires time and tremendous effort to create a stunning photo effects. Introducing this to an amateur photo editor is like discussing college physics to a grade school student. One more thing is sharing an online photo doesn’t necessarily requires someone to use a professional photo editor in order to create a wonderful graphics effects especially if you share it via social networking site like facebook.

Let me introduce to you a facebook app called Pixlr-o-matic. This is an app from Autodesk which recently bought It allows you to add instant effects, overlays and frames. Yes, it is very basic but if you do this in Photoshop or any other professional photo editor it will definitely eats a lot of your time. But with Pixlr-o-matic, in just a few click you can create several visual output. So, let me show you how this app works.

For facebook users, you can just search the app using the keyword ‘Pixlr-o-matic’ via the facebook search field. Once the app icon is displayed click on it to visit the app page. Here is the screenshot of the main Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the editor.

facebook-Pixlr-o-matic-main-interface1. If you click the red ribbon at the upper right hand side of the screenshot, it will take you to the website. That is the main online photo editor which has an extended editing power. It has toolbox, menu bars, palettes, etc. In other words, the online photo editor looks like the Photoshop GUI.

2-4. These are the options you have to import photos in the work space. You can choose to capture a photo via camera, load photos from your own facebook albums , or load an image from your local computer.

5. For the sake of demonstration, I used an pixlr-o-matic sample image.

pixlr-o-matic-sample-image1. If you click the backward arrow, that will take you to the previous window.

2. ‘New’ button basically allows you to add additional graphical effects. This is the equivalent function of ‘More’ button which I will show you later.

3. It randomly chooses an effects, overlays, or frames. The strip is a long list of items, if the effect/overlay/frame you are looking for is at the end of the strip, you can simply click an effect/overlay/frame then hold it down and drag it to your left and vice versa.

4-6. Red is for effects, Blue for overlays, and yellow if you want to go to the list of frames.

7. Very straight forward, hit it if you want to save your work.

8. It is the other way of moving from effects gallery, overlays, and frames gallery. It functions like items 4-6.

pixlr-o-matic-moreThe arrow at the lower right hand corner of the screenshot shows the ‘More..’ option button. If you will click this, it will take you to the screenshot below. This button functions exactly the same with the ‘New’ button that I mentioned above.

pixlr-o-matic-overlayIf you click the (1)’X’ button on the upper left hand corner, it will automatically take you back to your working space. If you click (3)’overlays’ button, you will get the screen below.


So let’s get into the final stage, saving your work.

facebook-pixlr-o-matic-save1-3. You can save your work to It is the online sharing site of Please note that images are removed from this site if they are not viewed in 30 days. You may also save your work directly to facebook or save it into your local drive if you wish to upload it later.

So, that’s all for now folks. I hope this tutorial helps you in some ways.

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