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Bootable Windows Vista 7 installation in USB

Today, I want to show you how to create a bootable USB for Windows Installation. Microsoft offers Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool which is capable of creating a bootable USB drive. However, you might encounter issues when you are currently running Windows 32-bit Operating System in creating the bootable drive. You need to have a 32-bit bootsect.exe for Windows 7 to accomplish the task. Take note that Microsoft EULA prohibits distribution of such bootsect.exe. Hence I could not post that file in here. So better try searching through google and wishing you luck if you find one.

There are a lot of solutions to resolve the above mentioned problem but I don’t like to go through a tedious manual creation of those files but if you want it then you can try. You may use MBRwizard if you using Windows XP.

Is there an easiest way to create a bootable USB drive for Windows? Of course, yes.

After a couple of researches, I found a very simple way of creating a bootable  USB for Windows 7 and I want to show you all of the details including the screenshots. Also, at the bottom of the page are direct download links for the software that I was using to create the bootable USB flash drive.

So let’s get started.

1. Go to, choose the language you want and click ‘Download’.


Wintoflash Homepage

2. Under the Latest Version section, click on ‘Download WinToFlash from FindmySoft’.

WinToFlash-FindmySoft3. Click on ‘Download’ button.

WinToFlash-FindmySoft-download4. Hit ‘WinToFlash 0.7.0026 beta’.

WinToFlash-FindmySoft-download-25. It will prompt you to Open or Save the file. Choose either of the two.

WinToFlash-FindmySoft-download-Save6. After the download, extract the file.

WinToFlash-FindmySoft-extract7. Once everything has been extracted, go to the specific folder and look for ‘WinToFlash’ then click it.

WinToFlash-FindmySoft-extract8. It will launch the splash screen of the application installation wizard as shown below.

wintoflash-findmysoft-installation-wizard9. The first part of the GUI is all about WinToFlash. Don’t mind it, just click ‘Next’.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-information10. Accept the EULA then hit ‘Next’.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-EULA11. The file on the download links below is only a freeware, so hit ‘Next’. Don’t you worry, freeware can do everything what we want to accomplish in here.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-FREEWARE 12. It will show a commercial. By the way, from the screenshot it shows ‘Intresting’ instead of interesting. That is from the actual window itself. :)

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-COMMERCIAL13. When you have the window below, all you need to do is click ‘Next’. Unless you want to read commercials.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-COMMERCIAL-214. Installation done. Click ‘Finish’.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-FINISH15. We are now at the Main Interface of the application. ‘Welcome’ Tab gives you the description and you can click the checked button to start. wintoflash-findmysoft-software-WELCOME

16. If you want to choose a specific task to do then use the ‘Advanced mode’.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-ADVANCE17. For the sake of this demonstration, I used the Wizard.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-WIZARD18. You can directly point the path to your CD/DVD rom if you are going to make a copy of windows from an optical disk. Or you can simply point the path to the folder of Windows installer files. And choose the correct drive location of your USB then click ‘Next’.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-DRIVES19. Accept the terms of agreement and click continue.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-agreement20. Take note that the USB drive will be formatted. If you have important files in it, have a back up before you proceed.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-FORMAT21.Formatting would only take in a minute or two.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-FORMAT-DRIVE22. After the drive has been formatted, it will now start to copy the windows files into your USB drive. This takes about 10-15 minutes. If you have a fast computer, I bet that this would only be done in less than 10 minutes.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-WINDOWS-COPY23. Once done, click on ‘Finish’.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-WINDOWS-COPY-FINISH24. This window reminds you to change the setting of your boot options to point to USB storage. Hit ‘Exit’ to continue.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-REMINDER25.  Alright, were done.

wintoflash-findmysoft-software-DONEIf among of you is wondering how long would it take to install Windows 7 OS? It is very fast when you use USB unlike from an ordinary optical drive.

All set. I hope this article helpful to you guys.

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